Montag, 20. März 2017

Some tale from the crypt ;)


here is a small little dio including many different bods and stuff.

I chose a buried down church aka "a crypt"as the main element of this work. As you can see the slightly opened door consists of two different parts.
The beautiful left part is from Figone and based in a wall section. The part at the right site is made by myself :(    
that's pretty unfortunate, cause the  quality of this site is worse.
However some templars or it also might be some other sort of warrior priests is charging for a n ancient crypt and is having a small surprise behind the still sealed doors of the ruin.

I hope you enjoy yourselves at those pics.

Donnerstag, 9. März 2017

Overview of projects

Just a little view of upcoming works as you can see my workbench on the follwing pictures.
Lots of bods, bases and a other stuff...
I hope to present some finished works soon, but sparetime is a very rare item at these days.

However, so you can make yourselves some thoughts until the projects are finished ;)

Greetings to you all hobbyists.

Samstag, 28. Januar 2017

Jungle adventure

Here is another bod from the last mentioned "modern mounted amazons" set by Dark Alliance. As there are different poses of the mounted amazons I chose one with two blades and gave her a tiger figure as her mount.
So the tiger changed to a panther by the change of colour.
As colour gives the atmosphere and the direction of a dio, I decided to paint my amazon in a dark skin tone remembering me of a nubian princess of ancient movies. But also there was a slight memnory of some graphic novels contaning a native african warrior queen...well after some research on the net I did not found the one I was remembering from past...maybe one of you are rembering the name of her.

So far here the pics:

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017

The last unicorn

Hello there,

this is one small bod being based and painted by the wish of my GF.
She was a little bit sad only seeing fighting and dying men on my dios, so I decided to make this little one.

As she always said she wanted something more in pink 😒 and with uncicorns 😲 i was searching and searching the net for unicorns.....

As you can see I finally found one... in a set of "modern mounted amazons" from Dark Allaince.

Have fun!

P.S. As you have seen, I did not had the heart to make it  in pink ;)

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

Poor mule

Hey folks,

here is a very unhappy little mule carring one much to heavy priest.
Both bods are from the Strelets set 126, crusdaers transport 1.

I'm going to make this 2 unhappy bods a little dio in time, but first of all here're hem painted:

Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Roman Auxiliae

Here I'm presenting you some Roman auxiliae troops. The bods are from Strelets and I decided to gice them a blue colour scheme. Sky-blue shields and a more intense blue on the tunics.
Helmets in a bronce tone and so on...
I really do like the poses of this series. The bods look really realistic and more of the spear wearing bods would certainly make a great line of battle.

I hope you all enjoy them pics.

Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017

Happy 2017

Hey folks,

I hope you all gonna have a very happy 2017!!

Let the modelling begin....again :)

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2016

Jurassic Park

Hey everyone,
for the christmas special I've made a little dio from the "Jurassic Park movies".
This time the bod is a velociraptor dinosaur from the modern mounted amazons set of the manufactorer Dark Alliance.
The base is a cube of some sandstone and some basing materials. Finally Wight different layers of colour made the bod look like it looks.
I hope you all have and had a peaceful and wonderful christmas time spending beside your loved ones.