Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

Taxes and duties for the emperor

This is a dio I built a long time on.

It is showing a scene  somewhere in a roman province. The magistrate and a few of his guards encash the taxes and duties from some local  residents.

The figures are are a mixture of diferent sets. The cavalry is from HAT, the barbarians are from ESCI and Italeri. The leginares are also from ESCI, while the magsitrate and his assistant belong to a STRELETS set.

It was very hard to create the rooftop of the house. Don't know if i will ever do something like that again. Tons of glue and knurling at my fingers.

The barrow is an own creation. The wheels and the drawbar are from an Italeri Persian chariot set.

 One guard is taking a very detailed look.
 Not everybody is happy with the encashing. Some have to becalmed down.