Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2018


Hey folks,

here're the "Legion of Nightmare" of Odemar. It are 14 different bods of different periods of history. Here so far are 12 to see. Of those 12 I painted as still living charactars.
No further story behind them , jsut some bods!

Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018

Some pics from the diorama

This weekend I visited the "Diorama" exhibition in the Schirn in Frankfurt.a.M.. My wife gave me the tickets at x-mas and I was very excited in this.

The exhibition tells abot the history of how diorama we're created and when it all started. It's quite interesting, the beginning of the exhibition was very impressive, dioramas dealing with different motives changed by the angle of light shining on them. But for hobby or also professional bod painters and landacpe builders it was quite a disenchantment. Maybe my expectations have been  to high.
Well, never the less I wanted to share the most impressive and interesting works (just my opinion) with you folks.

The sequence of the pictures is not in line to the exhibiton walk through.

The last two pictures show the same diorama, spotted  one time by light, the other time not.


P.S. A happy new year!!! ;)