Samstag, 26. Dezember 2020

Looks like in the "RUINS"

 Hello my friends,

I hope you folks a peaceful and this year especially healthy X-MAS. 

I guess for all of  us it was somehow different comparing to the last years. 

Some might have been sad, some might have been a little bit more more happy, than ususal. I hope that shit reigns to all of us in the same extent, so everyone has been concerned in the same way!!!!!!

However, the most important is your alls health!!

In rememory of a book and its filming I would like to dedicate this little dio to the movie "The Ruins".

I do not wan't to tell you any part of the plot so there is no spoiler alert, but  it inspired me to create a little scene, which had the fundamental elements of the movie. An isolated scenery and somebody, that is in a hopelessly situation, not knowing right now. 

So here is my version of it:

Seasons Greetings