Dienstag, 28. Mai 2019


When a hobby becomes a factory for birthday or confirmation presents, it ends with something like this.

I think the bods are originally from an ancient Tarzan Airfix set...

Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2019

MV Beginner Seminar

Hello my freinds,

today I like to tell you a little bit of a painting seminar I visited in April and show you some pics of it.
After a long consideration I finally booked and visited a beginner painting seminar held by Roman Lappat of the Massive Voodoo team. I wanted to give myself a totally different view on our hobby and had the hope to learn something about painting from a professional painter of our hobby.

The link to his report of this course is here:


I do not want to make any advertisement for the seminar, I just want to say, that the seminar gave me a new way on looking on painting miniatures and creating bases. If you want to read more about the seminar, read the link above.

I just like to show you some of the pictures I shot of the road creating a base and painting a bod .

And voila' .....not perfect but fun and a lot of experiences for me :)