Dienstag, 24. März 2020

Projects in time of Isolation, part four: The Sheriff

Part IV:

It's an very very old mini from my childhood. It stood for years in my type case and then one day, with the disappearance of my type case the mini also was gone.
Lucky for me and also you folks, I found it again...hooray.
Here is what became of it including some polystyrol, sand and different type of lumbers.

Montag, 23. März 2020

Projects in time of isolation, part three: Knights

And the show goes on!

Today I'd like to show some painted knights. One part is from Italeri, Crusaders, the other part are some good old Normans from Revell.

Sonntag, 22. März 2020

Projects in time of Isolation, part two: The stork

Hello again,

as promised I'll present you some more. Here is on tiny strok from Mantis.

Freitag, 20. März 2020

Projects in time of Isolation

Hello my frineds,

due to the actual rules of government I have found some time to continue with my projects.
I guess this ist the start of a series with many different post including single minis or also dioramas.
Attention, now it comes some sarcasm:

Thank you for the pandemic 😢

So here is the beginning:

Freitag, 6. März 2020

Tiger Warrior

Hello folks,

I finally made it through the painting of this mini.
It took me some overcoming to finish it.....but as always it could have been better.

Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2020

Roman legionaires

Finaly after some long time taking for the painitng of this first part of my legion, I want to show the results.
To be honest, many other mini's came along my painting table while painitng the legionaires. After painitng many uniform mini's I always need some mini's to feel free in choice of colour.

As you can see I chose a red theme for the uniform at not a more white or beige theme. The shields are decals thanks to the Schildschmiede.

 Maybe they will get some more shapes in the present future...

I hope you like them as much as I do ;)

Dienstag, 11. Februar 2020

Spartacus rising

Hello my friends,

here are some fine mini's which I painted after watching an episode of the tv series Spartacus again and again.
The mini's are from the Linear A set "Spartacus Uprising".