Freitag, 27. April 2018


Hey my friends and fellow bloggers,

a friend of mine reminded me today of the upcoming changes of data security regarding to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. I did not read the entire regulation, but it seems to be quiet clear, that also private persons, including those having a blogger profile, have to progeny this regulation.

This means to me, that as long as there ist no sure opportunity to fulfil this regualtion by less input, i will close this bolg by May, the 24th.


I do not konw how you guys are going to get along with this regualtion but I hope there will be another opportunity to share our posts and hobby.


Freitag, 6. April 2018

Saracen Warriors

This are some bods which have lain a lot of time in my cabinet. Finally I found some time to give those Saracens (from Italeri) some colour. 

Mittwoch, 4. April 2018

Roman Sailors

This are eight Roman sailors from Orion. There are no rowers painted, just the sailors.

And as promised more Romans :)

Different Legionares

As the winter is gone more Legionares get painted. Here are another 11 Romans, the first of April.