Freitag, 27. April 2018


Hey my friends and fellow bloggers,

a friend of mine reminded me today of the upcoming changes of data security regarding to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. I did not read the entire regulation, but it seems to be quiet clear, that also private persons, including those having a blogger profile, have to progeny this regulation.

This means to me, that as long as there ist no sure opportunity to fulfil this regualtion by less input, i will close this bolg by May, the 24th.


I do not konw how you guys are going to get along with this regualtion but I hope there will be another opportunity to share our posts and hobby.



  1. As far as I understand it it´s about collecting other peoples personal data.
    This could be a Problem, if I was t Keep the E-Mail adresses of People I have contacted due to selling but I delete them from the blog and my E-mail lists when the deals are sorted. I might add a Disclaimer to that Effect on my bods 4 sale page.

    What did you read that worried you?
    There´s a couple of articles on it concerning Bloggers with, having the http turned to yes to make the blog more secure (I´ve just done this as i didn´t know...doh!)

    1. Sorry,,forgot to add the link to the article about the GDPR and Blogs
      There´s a ton of stuff on the Google site ittself

    2. Found more;

      If any of the following are true, the GDPR applies to you:
      You conduct business in the EU
      You offer products and/or services to EU residents
      You monitor the behavior of EU residents
      You handle the personal data of an EU resident


    3. I´ve started a thread on TMP asking for advice :-)

    4. Hey Paul, yes your right it's about the collecting and working with other peoples private data.
      It's about there e-amil adresses, their IP-Adresses and also the leaving of comments in a blog post.
      For this all blogger collects data of you and me anyone who is using it.
      Until now I did not find a clear regulation from google for blogger.
      The hint of uusing cookies and using a https connection is not enough. Theoretically you also need a separate declaartion of data protection.
      As you were asking of what I'm worried with this, the answer is quite simple.
      I'm worried of estates using ambiguities in laws to make eays money.
      I did not find the time to check your links by now, but thanks a lot for starting the thread!

    5. So far the replies reckon as Long as you are not actively collecting and saving other peoples data then any IP´s etc from Followers /comments etc are down to the way Google runs the Blogging System. Basically, as far as I can find out, you are ok as you don´t meet, apart from the nature of the way Google Blogs the Followers IP´s etc, and as it seems, thats down to Google, you don´t meet any of the criteria mentioned in my third post, you don´t conduct Business, it´s a Hobby blog, you don´t offer products/Services, you don´t actually physically or intentionally Monitor EU citizens, that´s done by the Google anylytics thingy so thier Problem and that´s the same for handling personal data.
      As I´ve said, I offer products so I´m busy watching for some sort of Disclaimer I can add to my bods 4 sale page ..if I find nothing then I´ll simply Close it but I won´t stop Blogging.
      I´ll Keep watching and if anything Comes up, bad or good News I´l tell you but TBH, I wouldn´t Close your blog :-)
      I think Forums will have a much bigger Problem with this than Blogs. They actually, by the nature of the joining a Forum Need to retain your E-Mail and IP address otherwise logging in to a Forum would be impossible. Blogger (ie; Google)just uses the same log in details for all..the following and comments function and those Details are physically Held and monitored by Google..we as blggers don´t actually do the list making or Monitoring.

    6. Well, till now I'm not quite sure what do to. The more you read about the thing, the more diffreent kinds of answers and statements you get.
      Thank for the update!