Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017

The last unicorn

Hello there,

this is one small bod being based and painted by the wish of my GF.
She was a little bit sad only seeing fighting and dying men on my dios, so I decided to make this little one.

As she always said she wanted something more in pink 😒 and with uncicorns đŸ˜Č i was searching and searching the net for unicorns.....

As you can see I finally found one... in a set of "modern mounted amazons" from Dark Allaince.

Have fun!

P.S. As you have seen, I did not had the heart to make it  in pink ;)


  1. Nice one. I really like The sculpts of the cimmerian nags and the Amazonian unicorns. Pink? I was going to remove the horn and use it as a normal nag but a pink unicorn sounds fun...I just might have a go at that..the paint can always be removed afterwards :-)

    1. Tell me wehn you've finished it in pink. I'm interested in seeing your version ;)