Sonntag, 20. Mai 2018

Ancient grave robbers

Hi folks,

I'm presenting you the first theme of my ancient Egyptian pyramid theme. During the last time  I always thinking about some Egytian diorama, but I could not come to a straight decision what to build.I was thinking abot an entire pyramid, but that would havegone beyond the scope of my workbench ;)

So the first part of this theme is a tunnel in a part of pyramid. No one knows whether this is the right way to the pharaohs tomb and treasure chamber or just a dead end.

The dio is a first try and part, to realize the theme.

So, the grave robbers are some Roman praetorians executing the emperors order, for the search of an ancient and mysterious artefact, which might have unknown powers (huuuuuh).

However, the praetorians and some auxilia are on there way....

Not to forget, the bods are from Revell and Caesar.