Freitag, 18. April 2014

Chess set (part1)

Happy Easter!

I hope you all will have some nice time to spent with your families and friends!

And cause to this special occasion I'm presenting you a special project I'm working on:

It's a chess-set!

This is the "black" part of the game. Though the bases of the bods are brown and not black, I think it will work.

I chosse different kind of figures from different manufactorers for the set. Normans from Revell, bods from the Airfix Sheriff of Nottingham set, the queen from the Italeri medivieval challenge set and the rest from the Revell 100 Years war set of the french knights and the english footmen.

 So this is the row with the towers, horses, knights, the queen and the king from the right to the left.

tower and horse

knight and queen

king and knight

horse and tower

The row with the peasents from the left to the rigth.

And again the entire black set.

 I hope you can make me suggestions which kind of bods to use for the "white" set.

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