Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Pictures from the " Inspiration Modellbau Mainz 2015"

Hello together,

this weekend was the Inspiration Modellbau fair in Mainz. Compared with last year event, there we're some differencies.
The location of the different exhibitors had changed this year. I needed several minutes to orientate myself in it, but finally I could find, what I was looking for :)
The most obvious difference was the lighting in the hall. One part of the hall was bright as usual so you could take some nice pictures, but the other part of the hall was so dark, that every exhibitor had brought additional spotlights to lighten up the exhibition tables. That was very sad, because the great Poitiers - diorama was on the dark side of the hall.
In my opinion the dark side of the hall effect was caused by the cladding of the halls roof. It was made of two different materials, of those one was more translucent than the other.

But without any further words here're the few pictures I was taking

Update 21.09.2105:
I have to apologize for the quality of the taken pictures. This time my smartphone wasn't able to comepensate the low lighting.

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