Montag, 16. Mai 2016

Persian army part 1 and 2

Hi folks,

after some time I like to present you some first parts of my new planned dio.
It deals with the Persian-Macedonian theme.

Here are the first painted bods of my Persian army:


Part 1 contains different parts of the Persian army. There are 4 riders, from the HAT set "Light Persian Cavalry" and some infantry soldiers from the Italeri set "Persian Infantry".
There will be more infantry soldiers by one of the next posts.

Part 2 of my Persians contains a unit of the HAT set of "Persian Light Infantry" which is mostly made of archers and hurlers. The mounted bod is from an Zvezda "Cataphracts" set and is my chosen commander for this part of the army.

More is to come so meanwhile enjoy the pics :)


  1. Looks like a very nice project! Can't wait to see your next update.
    Why are the figures so glossy?


    1. They look so glossy due to the quickshade I used to give them a shader.