Samstag, 17. März 2018

Mithannian chariot

After long time, I finally can present a work of mine....a Mithannian chariot from Caesar.
As mentioned at some posts before, I really do like the sculpting work of Caesar bods. They are fantastic :)
So here's may version of the chariot...


  1. Nice. I like the colour schem you´ve used for the horse coverings..I was lazy and made them "Gold" (Bronze)

    1. Thanks Paul. Was taking some long time to get the coverings this way. And talking abouut being lazy at painging bods is a little bit exaggerated looking at your posts :)

  2. Good paint job! These chariots are always difficult to handle and to paint :) I have an Egyptian chariot on the workbench for months, I should go back and paint it.

  3. cesar figuren oder
    die sehen toll aus
    mir gefällt dein malstiel